Positioning at B737 - 800. The tail dock has been positioned at the aircraft B737 - 400. It is used for maintenance and inspections of B737 aircraft of the typical generation, types 300/400/500, and B737 of a new generation, types 600/700/800/900 and family of A320 aircraft  The tail dock is divided into two separate parts, which are symmetrical along the axis.

Each part has four supports with revolving wheel undercarriages. The platforms are equipped with telescopic segments in order to reduce the space between the aircraft and the platforms. There is a pneumatic and electro installations at the dock. To provide for easier manipulation of dismantled pieces, the dock is also equipped with five pulley blocks designed for the capacity of 250 kg, 500 kg and 1 000 kg.

The height of the dock is 14240 mm for B737
14970 mm for A320
Width of half of the dock 8270 mm
Length of half of the dock 14365 mm

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