1. Power plant Prunerov - Transportation of a stabilized mixture to a deposition place, storage and dispatch from intermediate storage - design and documents + project management
  2. Power plant Tusimice - Transportation of fly ash and clinker. Construction documents.
  3. Power plant Tusimice exhaust of the stabilized mixture. Construction and design documents + project management.
  4. Power plant Tusimice desulphurisation, transportation of gypsum incl.dispatching from intermediate storage. Construction, design documents + project management.
  5. Power plant Tusimice desulphurisation, transportation of gypsum. Construction, design documents + project management.
  6. ET Trinec the solution for coaling transportation + project management
  7. Power plant Tusimice II - CHIYODA - Transportation of gypsum for grinding. Delivery of belt conveyers and steel structure of transportation bridges
  8. Power plant Chvaletice "withdrawal, transport and deposition of ash and slag. Design and project management 
  9. Power plant Melnik Dry removal of ash - loading of agglomerate, Chemoprojekt a. s. Praha removal of ash - loading of agglomerate
  10. Power plant Tisova Delivery of belt conveyers for dry deposition of stabilisate from FK including stower, transportation bridges and the of stabilisate from FK including stower, transportation bridges and the system of control
  11. Power plant Melnik Transportation of Gypsum -  ´turn key´ project
  12. Power plant Melnik II/III - Equipment for transportation of wet and dry gypsum for briquetting  - Delivery for Austrian Energy and Environment
  13. Heat Plant Malešice II - coaling and storage of coal for boiler room ´turn key´ solution for SES a.s. Tlmace
  14. ECKG s. r. o. - Kladno, Coaling and a coal crusher house for a boiler room Power plant and Heat plant Kladno
  15. CEZ a. s. - Power plant Porici, Reconstruction of a coaling transportation bridge  ´Turn key ´ solution 
  16. CEZ a.s. - Power plant Porici, Waste water system - Stage E1000
  17. CEZ a.s. - Power plant Porici, neutralization of waste water EPO 2
  18. Heating plant Zlin, design and delivery of a belt conveyer with ploughs B= 650 mm
  19. CEZ a.s. - Power plant Porici, delivery and installation of detention reservoir
  20. Power plant Adularya, Turkey - ash handling conveyors and tripper car, design and delivery
  21. Power plant Kostolac block B3, Serbia - mixing center and conveyors for stabilised mixture

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